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Architectural project of Belluomini, Leonzi & Puccinelli for Bagno Quilghini - 1931

Viale Manin e stabilimenti balneari Viareggio 1867

The Bagno Quilghini  is one of the historic bathing establishment in Viareggio and the only one that was owned by the same family since the year of its opening, in the 60s of the 19th century.

The first dealer for the flashing activity was Giovanni Maria Quilghini that leaves to his two  sons Anastasio Isidoro and Rodolfo. Their decided to divide the award - at the time the plant was made by today Bagno Quilghini and half of  Bagno Italia - playing with fate of the two who had extracted the highest number of bingo would decide which part of the bathing establishment to keep. Isidoro defied the odds for the first and drew the number 90! He decided to keep the part with the outlet to the street to the sea, and it is here that still insists the Bagno Quilghini

Bagni Francesco Quilghini le palafitte sul mare
Bagni Francesco Quilghini - 1910

But it is thanks to the farsightedness of Ida Quilghini, daughter of  Isidoro, that Bagno has been able to remain  in the hands of the same family: unmarried and childless, Ida Quilghini decides to sell the Bagno to her nephew Trento Libero who grew up, right there on the sea, together with her paternal aunt after the untimely death at sea of his father Demore, Shipmaster.


The Quilghini family has managed this establishment for generations and has made welcoming and caring for customers the purpose of its business.

Isidoro Quilghini 1949
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